"I was getting bored and frustrated with the process and Robyn was there to help me along the way. She has been such a tremendous help during my fitness/life style change journey. Her wealth of knowledge, compassion, generosity and continual motivation have had great impact on my journey.  Sometimes what she tells me is not what I “want” to hear but “need” to hear and I appreciate having someone like her in my corner. I now have many tools when it comes to nutrition and do my best to implement them every day. In some meetings I’ve shared with her that I have fallen off track, but without any judgement Robyn gave me new ideas, a plan to execute and assurance that I could do it."

~ Mia 



"When I first started my sessions with Robyn I had numerous goals and health issues I wanted to take care of. After struggling with IBS and gaining weight I needed help desperately. Robyn was so kind, helpful, and understanding. We worked on diet changes that would both help with my weight and my IBS. Robyn gave me detailed plans and helpful guides that I could follow and was always able to answer any of my questions. I was able to drop weight in a healthy way while incorporating diet change and exercise while also giving me so much relief from my IBS symptoms. I’m so glad I started my sessions with Robyn and I will continue to meet with her to maintain my goals!"

~ Mary


"Robyn is a wonderful motivator. Her eating and exercise tips make it easy to take steps toward a healthier lifestyle."

~ Gloria


"Robyn is very thought provoking and as she discusses; she really makes you think what’s going on in your daily routine...What are you putting in your mouth? How about your sleep patterns? When was the last time you did something for yourself?

She understood my concerns and genuinely pointed out my boundaries and what I should and/or can explore. She is a whole health nutritionist and dietitian.

She has helped me on 2 very important items of health concerns and I have seen some marked improvements."

~ Elaine 



"The grocery store tour with Robyn was great... We walked down the aisles and Robyn gave me helpful tips on how to navigate the store, incorporate healthier options into meals, taught me how to read food labels and what to look for, and pointed out healthier versions of products I regularly buy.  I'm gradually making small changes in my diet, and paying more attention to what I throw in my shopping cart, thanks to Robyn!"

~ Anonymous


"I used to think I had a pretty good idea of how to eat "healthy" on my own, but I was uninspired by this image in my head and often found it easier, and tastier, to resort to take-out meals or processed foods from the grocery store.  With Robyn's help I learned that healthy eating doesn't have to be boring or tedious, and I've even developed a new love for fresh fruits and veggies! My entire family has benefited from her suggestions of healthy snacks and yummy recipes.  My 5 year old son who had been avoiding veggies for some time even asks for things like carrots, cauliflower, and berries on his own now that he's starting to appreciate the new way we're eating."

~ Shannon


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